CEA:  Judge Dismisses Anti-Pipeline Suit
Gulf Coast Project Approval Critical for U.S. Economy

HOUSTON, TX: Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) applauds today’s ruling by the U.S. Federal District Court of Western Oklahoma, which denied an injunction seeking to block advancement of the Gulf Coast Pipeline, a critical component of the Keystone pipeline system. With the latest dilatory tactic by environmental activists cast aside, the construction of the project is expected to begin in the coming weeks and will result in employment for 4,000 Americans and $3.2 billion in new investments in the United States.

Following the announcement, Michael Whatley, Executive Vice-President of the Consumer Energy Alliance, offered the following statement:

“The facts show the Gulf Coast Pipeline, and the larger Keystone XL Project, will be the safest pipeline ever constructed in the history of theUnited States.  This much was made clear in the last Environmental Impact Statement where the U.S. State Department declared ‘the project would have a degree of safety greater than any typically constructed domestic oil pipeline system.’ This degree of safety has its roots in 57 special conditions that will be incorporated into the pipeline. These provisions include heavier construction materials in sensitive areas, a higher number of remotely controlled shutoff valves and increased pipeline inspections to name just a few.”

“We are very glad that the Court has dismissed the petitioners’ claims on the basis that the project will have a minimal impact on the environment.  To those who have followed the issue closely this decision shouldn’t come as a surprise. Every critical analysis of this project – from the Obama Administration, leading scientists and hydrogeologists – have all agreed the project will have minimal impacts inNebraskaand elsewhere.”

The pipeline, when completed, will facilitate the safe and reliable transport of oil toGulfCoastrefineries for processing into fuel and other products and is critical component in safeguarding our energy and economic future.  Expanding pipeline capacity from Cushing to the Gulf Coast is a needed part of an “all of the above” energy approach and will provide a cheaper, more stable source of crude that will result in significant benefits to consumers in every sector of the United States economy.