Consumer Energy Alliance Welcomes New Member: Rigzone

HOUSTON, TX: Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) is pleased to welcome Rigzone as its newest affiliate member.

Rigzone, the leading online resource for the oil and gas industry, delivers career services and upstream oil and gas content and data, including in-depth information on exploration, drilling and production markets to organizations tackling the energy challenge. With its unmatched online community of highly-skilled and experienced energy professionals, Rigzone is the go-to service for news and recruiting in the industry.

“Energy policy greatly affects our entire community. By joining CEA, Rigzone will incorporate and capitalize on CEA’s knowledge of national energy issues and partner with CEA on magnifying their message for Energy Day,” said Paul Caplan, Rigzone’s President. “Additionally, Rigzone and CEA share a common interest in growing opportunities for energy jobs and in promoting and supporting workforce development. We look forward to working together in these important endeavors.”

“CEA is pleased to work closely with Rigzone to amplify the exciting employment opportunities all across the energy industry. There is a critical need for new employees to fill a wide variety of jobs all across the energy spectrum. CEA looks forward to working with Rigzone to further expand our workforce outreach at our annual Energy Day Festival and build new ways to community to consumers everywhere how important the energy sector is to creating jobs all across the economy,” said CEA President David Holt. “The primary goal is to unite energy consumers and producers in an effort to build a balanced energy policy.”

CEA will provide Rigzone’s community with credible energy information and lean first-hand the concerns their audience has about federal and state energy policies. In an unpredictable business climate, information on energy policy that creates certainty for businesses and consumers is more important than ever. CEA is very pleased to welcome Rigzone.