HOUSTON – Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) is pleased to welcome the Alaska Trucking Association as its newest affiliate member.

The Alaska Trucking Association is a member-driven organization dedicated to fostering and promoting the trucking industry in Alaska. For over 50 years, The Alaska Trucking Association has been serving the needs of the Alaskan transportation industry. With their effective lobbying and testifying across the state to support the interests of the Alaska trucking industry, the Alaska Trucking Association strives to be a voice for the trucking industry in Alaska and realizes the importance of the consumer’s voice in legislative policies.

“Energy policy greatly affects our entire industry and membership, and we believe it is essential that it remains at the forefront of issues under discussion by our elected officials. The Alaska Trucking Association will work with CEA to implement and capitalize on CEA’s knowledge of national energy and trucking safety issues,” said Aves Thompson, Executive Director of the Alaska Trucking Association.

“Consumer Energy Alliance is pleased to work closely with the Alaska Trucking Association on energy and trucking safety issues at a state, regional and national level,” said CEA President David Holt. “The primary goal of CEA is to unite energy consumers and producers in an effort to build a balanced energy policy. The Alaska Trucking Association accomplishes this by bringing together its members and pursuing legislation that will benefit all consumers, producers and the transportation and trucking industries. CEA looks forward to working closely with the Alaska Trucking Association to provide their members with credible energy information and to learn first-hand the concerns that their members have about energy policies.”