CEA’s David Holt Previews Third Presidential Debate

Houston, TX – Consumer Energy Alliance President David Holt points out the connection between U.S. Energy Policy and U.S. Foreign Policy in advance of tonight’s third presidential debate in Boca Raton, FL:

“Creating North American energy self-sufficiency is the most complicated challenge facing the next President.  Complicated because until North America increases its domestic production, the biggest factor impacting the cost of energy has nothing to do with energy – it is stability abroad.

“As long as North America depends on foreign oil to power its economy than the autocratic values of regimes in the Middle East, Northern Africa and parts of Asia will dictate the cost American consumers pay for their energy.    The president who can bring stability to these regions is at the same time helping solve America’s energy challenge.”

Consumer Energy Alliance recently published, North America’s New Energy Future, a report detailing the vast stores of oil and gas in North America and the ways it can help drive North American energy self-sufficiency. The report finds that North America can attain the goal of energy self-sufficiency by 2020, and outlines the ways that the United States can encourage its realization of the goal.