HOUSTON, TX: Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) praises the recommendations released today by the Energy Security Leadership Council (ESLC), which are designed to safeguard the physical and economic security of the United States by reforming current energy policy. The report calls for the United States to reduce our exposure to the dangers of the global oil market by harnessing our abundant domestic energy resources and American innovation.

The recommendations, outlined in a report titled “A National Strategy for Energy Security: Harnessing Resources and Innovation”, urges policymakers to pursue the task of strengthening U.S. energy security as a necessity for the future security and prosperity of our nation.

CEA President David Holt offered this statement following the release of the report:

“The Energy Security Leadership Council correctly asserts that America’s energy security can be strengthened through an immediate increase in domestic energy production, and by advancing needed attention and reforms to energy-related regulations.”

“As previously emphasized in CEA’s “New Energy Future Report”, our country needs sound energy policy to help facilitate the responsible development and utilization of our abundant energy resources, and support our nation’s continued economic growth. American innovation in oil and natural gas has already buoyed the economy absent this sound guidance and is expected to support 1.5 million U.S. jobs by 2015 and 2.4 million jobs by 2035.”

“In order for our nation to reach its full economic potential and meet our growing energy needs, the President should follow the advice offered by multiple bipartisan groups in recent weeks.  That being to advance development of our domestic resources – including oil and gas – and reject political posturing designed to advance one energy source at the expense of another. Pursuing such a strategy is the single most important action our nation can take to ensure our economy remains competitive for generations to come.”