Respected Nebraska economist Ernie Goss is out with a new report today finding the state of Nebraska will see $1.8 billion in new economic investment from construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.   The Omaha World-Herald reports, Analysis: Keystone XL pipeline would generate $1.8 billion for Nebraska

Omaha World-Herald summarizes key findings from the Goss report:
» The project would generate $1.8 billion in “overall economic activity” in Nebraska from 2013 to 2029.
» TransCanada will spend about $580 million in the state during the two-year construction phase and $570 million more during subsequent years of operation.
» The project would create 5,500 jobs during construction and 302 jobs afterward. The figures include both direct and indirect jobs, paying an average annual salary of $38,000, Goss said.
» The pipeline would result in $58.6 million in property taxes, $39.1 million in sales taxes, $23.4 million in income taxes and $13.5 million in other taxes.
Goss’ findings generally indicated a larger economic impact from the pipeline than another analysis released Jan. 4 by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality. For example, the DEQ report said pipeline construction would produce $418 million in economic benefits and 4,560 jobs.  Goss said he and the DEQ used several different variables to crunch the data, which can explain the different findings.
Read the full report here.