CEA-Florida’s Kevin Doyle writes in the Tallahassee Democrat: Agriculture and energy share a strong connection:

When we look at the modern skyline and suburban development of so many Florida cities, it’s easy to forget that ours is also a substantially agricultural state. Agriculture plays an essential role in Florida’s vital energy future, and it is clearly time that its impact be factored into the development of long-term energy policies at both the state and national levels.

Everyone recognizes the importance of tourism to Florida’s economy, but many overlook that agriculture is a $100 billion industry here. With 25 percent to 30 percent of agricultural production costs tied directly to energy, and agricultural production so intertwined with our existence, we ignore this sector at our own peril.

Agriculture in Florida is not a mere relic of yesteryear — it’s as technologically advanced as any other industry. Thanks to innovation, our state is in the top one-third of the nation in net farm income, even though so much of our land is occupied by everything from cities and suburbs to retirement communities, theme parks and even golf courses.