CEA President David Holt discusses the economic impact of building the Keystone XL pipeline.

Edmonton Sun:

Over a plate of steaming crawfish at Houston’s Ragin’ Cajun, David Holt, president of the North American-based Consumer Energy Alliance, says hope for the Keystone’s a bi-national thing: Canadian crude is already America’s number one energy partner, so a conduit to bring the safe, abundant, reliable supply of energy — and some needed job revitalization — into the Gulf Coast is essential.

“The bottom line is not only jobs being created in the energy sector from the Keystone pipeline, potentially, but jobs being created in all sectors of the U.S. economy and particularly on the Gulf Coast. We’ve seen over the last several decades a decline in jobs, so there’s a lot of folks who are very anxious to get the pipeline approved, to have these jobs brought back to Texas and keep the economy going,” he says.