REI CEO reaffirmed President Obama’s support for an “all-of-the-above” energy strategy during her prepared opening remarks to the U.S. Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee:

On energy: I believe that with the help of rapidly advancing technologies, smart policies, and a commitment to an all-of-the-above strategy, we can continue to expand and diversify our energy production, cut our reliance on foreign oil, and protect our land and water.

Innovative technologies and new frontiers both onshore and offshore are increasing our nation’s domestic oil and gas production, and we owe it to the American people to make sure that development takes place in a safe and responsible way. We also need to provide industry with certainty and clarity when it comes to development, so that they can make smart investments to help power our economy.

I know that the President has set a goal to double renewable electricity generation again by the year 2020. Interior has a critical role to play in fulfilling the President’s vision through encouraging renewable energy on our nation’s public lands. As part of the President’s energy team, I will work to make sure that we’re doing that in the right way and in the right places.