HOUSTON – Consumer Energy Alliance supports Alaska Governor Sean Parnell’s plan to apply for an oil and gas “exploration plan” in the 1002 area of the 1.5 million acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The $50 million plan, funded by the state of Alaska would provide for a seven year seismic and drilling exploration plan in ANWR’s coastal plain, an area with rich oil and natural gas resources currently off limits to production.

“Alaskan energy production is a key part of American energy security and energy self-sufficiency. Governor Parnell should be commended on his efforts to develop natural resources for the betterment of Alaskans and all Americans,” said David Holt, President of Consumer Energy Alliance.

The plan will use 3-D seismic technology to explore and map oil and natural gas resources closed to production due to congressional inaction and despite strong support from Alaskan voters. ANWR alone holds a potential 10 billion barrels of oil and 35 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. To put this in perspective, 10 billion barrels of Alaskan oil could fuel every U.S. domestic flight for over 40 years. The exploration plan would provide a better picture for policy makers and energy companies assess the value in the “1002 area.”

Ultimately, increased production in Alaska would flow to the lower-48 states through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, which has suffered from increasingly low flows as federal officials put ever increasing amounts of Alaskan land off limits to production. The trend has led to increasing foreign imports and higher gas prices, especially for the Western region.