Consumer Energy Alliance discusses status of KXL Pipeline project

By Jeniffer Berry

August 21, 2013

The Executive Vice President for the Consumer Energy Alliance spent part of Wednesday in Grand Island talking about the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Michael Whatley was at the Platte Valley State Bank updating members of the chamber, among others, on the status of the project.

He said the State Department is getting ready to finalize its environmental review for the project and to ultimately make a decision on whether or not it will get permitted.

Whately touted the benefits of the project–cheaper fuel prices and a strong ($20 billion) economic impact.

“Studies show here in Nebraska it would create 5,500 jobs for the two years of the construction project and it would have a net benefit in the state of $1.8 billion,” he said.

Whatley said meetings like this, especially in a corridor state that’s been in the eye of the storm of debate, are important.

He said as long as people want to have discussions, he’ll keep having them.