Over at Fuel Fix, CEA President David Holt talks about communities facing fracking bans, the latest is in Pennsylvania.

A new trend has taken hold in the development of our nation’s natural gas resources.  From Josh Fox’s controversial films, Gasland and now Gasland Part II, to the “Stop the Frack Attack” demonstration in Washington, anti-development movements have fueled a negative perception of shale gas and hydraulic fracturing.  Now activists around the nation are urging communities to ban the process.

Unfortunately, these scare tactics and bans only serve to misinform the public and challenge the social licenses of those looking to explore new opportunities and the potential benefits they hold for our nation.

In Pennsylvania, where many communities have rejected these proposals, the state’s Democratic Party recently approved a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in the Party’s platform. As a result,  Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) recently polled every state legislator asking whether they support or oppose the policy plank.