Fuel Fix:

Energy Day Celebrates Energy Progress
By David Holt

Make no mistake, the United States is currently experiencing an energy revolution that is transforming our national outlook.  Our newfound energy abundance is creating millions of jobs, increasing wealth in our nation’s most rural and previously impoverished communities and is increasing our national economic competitiveness and security.  While all of this is great news, the revolution’s greatest benefits have yet to be realized. Put simply, the transformation of our nation’s energy sector means millions of jobs and increased prosperity for generations of Americans.  However, in order to sustain this growth our nation’s youth needs to take an interest in becoming a part of our energy workforce.

After all, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) predicts that the number of unfilled jobs in the energy and manufacturing sector could grow to three million by 2015 due to a lack of qualified applicants with the requisite science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills. This concern was echoed by the National Research Council (NRC) in a recent study where it noted, “the current pipeline of STEM-capable students and workers is inadequate to meet workforce needs.”  Keep in mind this only examined the workforce requirements for the oil and natural gas industry; needs for the broader energy sector are much larger.

This is just one reason why Consumer Energy Alliance is proud to sponsor the annual Energy Day Festival in Houston, Texas.  Now in its third successful year, the festival celebrates our energy progress and connects aspiring students with research institutions and companies pioneering the next generation of energy technologies that will power our nation.

Indeed, there is much reason to celebrate.  This year, the United States surpassed Russia as the world’s largest oil and natural gas producer and this month Energy Secretary Moniz noted our nation is undergoing a clean energy revolution.

This year’s festival will be held on Saturday, October 19, 2013 from 11 A.M. to 5 P.M. at Hermann Square in the heart of our nation’s energy capital – Houston, TX.  Last year alone, the event drew over 15,000 participants who took part in over 60 exhibits sponsored by renewable and conventional energy producers and premier energy research institutions. In addition, working with our supporters Consumer Energy Alliance was proud to provide over $15,000 in scholarships and financial assistance to support our next generation of energy leaders as part of the Energy Day Academic Program.

This year’s celebration promises to be exciting and will build off the success of the two festivals that preceded it. Attendees of this family-friendly event will have an opportunity to learn about energy saving tips, participate in games and models explaining energy creation and watershed ecology while learning about advanced energy technologies like solar, wind, algae and biodiesel as well as the latest developments in our nation’s ongoing oil and natural gas renaissance.

So if you’re in Houston, join Consumer Energy Alliance at Herman Square as we celebrate our energy progress and look forward to our abundant energy future with great excitement.