Kevin Doyle was a guest blogger at PACE:

There’s good news on the horizon for Floridians from the Gold Coast to the Big Bend and beyond.  A recent report by the Florida Chamber of Commerce showed the Sunshine State is poised for growth in workforce, innovation and economic activity in the years ahead. These positive forecasts build on the more than $30 billion in economic activity and over 130,000 new jobs created just lasted year.

This is a welcome development for those of us who call the Sunshine State home as well as the over 10 million individuals the University of Florida predicts will relocate here in the coming decades. Of course, while this expected economic growth is good news, it’s worth noting it’s not guaranteed.

Our state has the 5th best tax climate for business and the most favorable tax climate for individuals in the nation which are both great for consumers.  However, as we continue to shift our energy reliance toward natural gas, Florida’s business community and consumers can be negatively affected if we do not have the right policies in place to protect the benefits that our current energy situation is providing to our country. Energy is a key ingredient in everything we do as a state, and we need to promote policies that support expanded responsible development of American resources and in particular those that are here in Florida.