Reported in this article by the Pittsburgh Business Times, CEA’s Andrew Browning speaks about shale energy development at a panel discussion at Hart Energy’s DUG East Conference.

By its nature, natural gas drilling and extraction is a polarizing topic. But opening the lines of communication between all parties holds the best potential for changing public perceptions, experts in the industry say.

“Fracking has become a four-letter-word and in the long run, it is going to take a lot of work to change that narrative,” Andrew Browning, executive vice president of the Consumer Energy Alliance, said while speaking in a panel discussion on the topic at Hart Energy’s DUG East conference and exhibit Wednesday.

For his organization, Browning said that means getting information to the public so that when people hear fracking it’s associated with jobs and American industrial competitiveness, not “Gasland” and flames coming out of people’s faucets.