Texas drilling rig

Statement by Tommy Foltz, Consumer Energy Alliance Executive Vice President

“CEA applauds the City Council’s decision last night,” said Tommy Foltz, Executive Vice President of CEA.  “In fact, American energy consumers from across the country who like low prices at the pump, should be applauding the College Station City Council today.  Cooler heads prevailed last night, and that will likely result in continued fuel cost savings of every driver in Texas and across the country.”

“The unanimous approval of the proposed oil and gas ordinance by the College Station City Council is a giant step forward toward responsible oil and gas development in Brazos county. The thoughtful and deliberate study of this issue has resulted in an updated ordinance that strikes the right balance between all the interests in College Station.

CEA applauds the Council for acknowledging that de-facto bans on development are in no one’s best interest and that cities across Texas can have BOTH environmental protection AND responsible energy development. It is this type of leadership and local coordination that will allow Texas to remain the nation’s largest and best energy producing state.

However, we don’t expect this to be the last we’ll hear about College Station.  We expect continued pressure on College Station officials.  Local communities should resist efforts to unreasonably restrict energy production, supported by outside groups, that negatively impact energy consumers.”