HOUSTON – Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) is pleased to welcome Voovio as its newest affiliate member.

Voovio is a visualization technology that revolutionizes the way industrial companies manage their operations, maintenance, health & safety and training programs. Voovio is a completely new way to create realistic 3D replicas of physical assets, for example, refineries and power plants. We make information visually accessible, so that field operators can access everything they need, when they need it in order to execute their tasks quickly and safely.

Christian McDermott, Voovio’s US Country Manager, explained: “We are thrilled to join the CEA. As newcomers to the Houston business community, we believe that the CEA will help us achieve our mission: to reduce risks and errors in energy companies’ operations, thereby saving thousands of lives, billions of dollars and protecting the environment. We share the CEA’s commitment to securing sustainable and responsible energy supply throughout the world.”

“CEA welcomes Voovio as its latest member,” said Paul Looney, EVP, Strategic Development. “As health and safety are critical components to our members’ daily operations, Voovio provides the oil and gas sector unique learning and safety capabilities through its 3D visualization products. Industry is always looking for ways to reduce operational risks and reducing work-related accidents. Voovio is committed to helping industry achieve those goals.”

For more information on Voovio, visit their website.

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