Power Generating WindmillsToday Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) applauds the Department of Energy’s (DOE) decision to partner with Clean Line Energy Partners on the Plains and Eastern Project. The decision will streamline and accelerate the process to allow construction to commence as early as 2017. This $2.5 billion dollar infrastructure project, which will span more than 700 miles, will transmit 4,000 MW of electricity – enough to power more than 1.5 million homes – from wind farms in the sparsely populated Oklahoma panhandle to consumers in population centers in Arkansas, Tennessee and other states in the Mid-South and Southeast.

“Energy consumers expect affordable and reliable electricity. New infrastructure projects, including transmission lines and pipelines are necessary to bring energy to consumers,” said David Holt, President of CEA. “Plains and Eastern will do just that. It’s unfortunate that this project has become the subject of a partisan debate. Nonetheless, allowing this project to move forward is what is best for consumers.”

In its summary of findings the DOE found that “the project as proposed will serve the public interest by facilitating renewable energy development, stimulating economic development, generating revenues for needed public investment, and doing so while minimizing impacts to landowners and the natural environment.”

“The Department of Energy’s decision shows that great things are happening in America today. The Plains & Eastern Clean Line is the largest clean energy infrastructure project in the nation and will modernize the U.S. electric grid while bringing forth new investment, job creation, and more low-cost power for American consumers,” said Michael Skelly, President of Clean Line Energy.