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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), a national consumer advocacy organization that represents consumers, manufacturers, agriculture, energy, renewables and other industries, today launched a national campaign, “Pipelines for America,” focused on educating consumers about the increasing importance of U.S. energy infrastructure – and how more is needed to keep consumer energy prices stable and better protect the environment.

Pipelines for America” is being launched at a time when the consumer group, made up of more than 400,000 members, is increasingly concerned about the severe lack of sufficient U.S. energy infrastructure and what it could mean for millions of American families, small businesses and consumers who depend on reliable, affordable energy and have, to date, benefited from America’s record-setting energy revolution of recent years.

According to an IHS Global Insight study, in 2015, record increases in U.S. energy production contributed to making U.S. companies more competitive, adding nearly two million jobs economy-wide and providing an extra $1,300 to the average consumer’s wallet. However, CEA has great concern that despite America’s abundant natural resources, the nation lacks the pipelines and transmission lines required to transport energy safely to where it’s needed.

“We need to make sure that America’s abundant energy resources can be delivered to consumers safely and efficiently,” said John Eichberger, National Association of Convenience Stores representative and CEA Board Member. “As families across America looks to us for their fill-ups for business and summer vacations, convenience fuel retailers understand the critical importance of affordable supplies of transportation fuels, and CEA’s ‘Pipelines for America’ campaign will help ensure that American consumers directly benefit from the country’s natural resources. This is a critical element of an all-of-the-above energy strategy that is essential to creating a sustainable energy economy.”

“Given the nation’s critical energy infrastructure needs, CEA is increasingly concerned about the small but vocal minority who back the ‘Keep It in the Ground’ movement. This notion is unrealistic and threatens to harm American consumers, jobs and families, as well as the economic progress made possible by America’s energy revolution,” said CEA President David Holt. “That’s why this campaign seeks to alert the American public of the urgent need for pipelines and the continued importance of both safeguarding our environment and developing our energy resources responsibly.”

“Energy is a critical ingredient that powers every American industry – everything from agriculture and automotive to chemicals and steel,” said Jennifer Diggins, immediate past Chairwoman of CEA and Director of Public Affairs for Nucor Corporation, who added that an increase in energy costs is a direct hit on various sectors’ bottom lines. “As the largest steel producer in the U.S., we’re pleased that CEA is taking this important step to educate consumers on the important role energy plays in our everyday lives and the pillars that support lower energy costs and job and economic growth.”

CEA’s “Pipelines for America” campaign will work to engage consumers across the U.S. to better support affordable energy through greater infrastructure development. This will be done via advertising, events and grassroots activities across several states. Efforts will begin in the northeastern and southeastern portions of the U.S. along the Atlantic coast and throughout the Mid-Continent and Midwest.

As part of the launch, CEA has also unveiled a new website (https://consumerenergyalliance.org/pipelines-for-america/) to promote public awareness of energy infrastructure and the importance of pipeline development to regions throughout the United States. Throughout this campaign, CEA will work with and engage its regional affiliates and grassroots members to ensure that families, businesses, manufacturers, labor groups, and American consumers understand the importance of pipeline development to America’s energy future.

Please visit https://consumerenergyalliance.org/pipelines-for-america/ to view our latest advertising efforts and learn more about the importance of U.S. energy infrastructure and its connection to ensuring stable energy prices for American consumers.