There’s a week left before Christmas. If you still need last minute gift ideas, we’ve got some great eco-friendly products to consider. The trend is real, and many Americans want eco-friendly and energy-efficient products. This makes shopping for gifts a lot easier as people want to move towards a more energy-efficient lifestyle. The following are a few gift ideas that might pique your interest or be a last minute gift idea for that energy efficient friend or family member.

The Pressure Cooker
Most pressure cookers reduce the amount of time to prepare a meal and they use significantly less energy when compared to regular stove top cooking. This is done by trapping hot air under select amounts of pressure, which is used to make the meal quicker. Pressure cookers can be used to cook beans, rice, soups, and some meats. These cookers come in many sizes, so be sure consider the size of your loved one’s family before settling on the right one.

The AON Box
The AON Box Collapsible Portable Green Speakers are sold online and at select retail stores. These make a great gift for several reasons. For one, the materials used come from renewable sources. The packaging makes the speakers easy to pack up and take with you anywhere. They don’t need to be plugged into an outlet or require the use of batteries. And they are compatible with smartphones, MP3s, and other devices through an audio frequency jack. Talk about the ultimate green and energy-efficient gift.

Thermal Leak Detectors
A home should be cozy, which is probably why people spend good money on a furnace, but making a home energy-efficient requires an extra step. It is likely that most people have installed proper insulation to keep their home warm and cozy while also reducing energy costs, but having a good thermal leak detector might be a good gift idea. Insulators do not last forever, not to mention cracks or defects in the home that could be letting warm air escape. These issues could make the furnace work longer than it needs to, making a thermal leak detector a great gift for an energy-conscious loved one.

SoftBrew Coffee Pots
People across the country like to wake up and enjoy a warm cup of coffee, which means the amount of used filters that add up overtime. Coffee filters are made of paper, and the production of paper uses a lot of energy. SoftBrew Coffee Pots do not use filters and still provide that same great cup of coffee that people want in the morning. The only trash leftover is the coffee grounds themselves, and those can be used as fertilizer.

The Laundry POD
Whether you have a big family or you live alone, a lot of energy, water, and soap is used to wash one load of laundry. While you can reduce your bill by using cold water or reducing the amount of water used during a cycle – there is still another way to save. Though it may seem that the only substitute to a washing machine is the old fashioned way grandma used to do it, the truth is there is actually an alternative – The Laundry Pod. This option does, however, require a little manpower. The Laundry POD is sold online, and it’s definitely an interesting gift. The device does not use any electricity and it uses small amounts of water. The only issue is that it has to be hand-cranked to actually wash the load inside. Kind of like a salad spinner. Hey, no one said that being eco-friendly was going to be easy, but now your loved ones can clean their laundry and get in a light workout! You can always buy eco-friendly laundry detergent as a stocking stuffer.

Of course, these are just a few gift suggestions; there are many others to choose from. Finding the right gift is as simple as looking for an energy-efficient alternative to whatever you are thinking of purchasing. Hopefully, these ideas point you in the right direction.