Richmond Virginia skyline

Help Protect Richmond Families!

Richmond families and businesses rely each and every day on natural gas from hydraulic fracturing to keep electricity prices low. Richmond City Council is now considering an irresponsible ban on this practice within its city limits, sending the message that Richmond residents oppose the very method that allows them to affordably and reliably power their lives!

Hydraulic fracturing is a widely used and well tested practice that has resulted in the US meeting more and more of its energy needs here at home, rather than relying on imports. This helps create jobs, tax revenue, keeps us safe, and reduces our energy costs.  What’s more, there is zero potential for producing natural gas within Richmond, making the resolution nothing more than a waste of City Council’s time and resources.

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Dear Council,
I am writing to share my opposition to Resolution No. 2017-R012 – which would prohibit using hydraulic fracturing within Richmond city limits. Given the fact that there is zero potential for producing oil or natural gas in Richmond, the resolution is nothing more than an ideological stance against hydraulic fracturing and a waste of City Council’s time and resources.  Further, it sends a message that for some reason the City of Richmond has deemed hydraulic fracturing unsafe – a position that continues to be put-forth by a few vocal anti-energy organizations that has been debunked by the U.S. government and countless studies.
Richmond families and businesses rely on natural gas produced by hydraulic fracturing to meet our most basic electricity needs. This time-tested and widely used technology keeps electricity prices low and allows us to affordably and reliably power our lives. Considering the benefits we receive, it would be illogical, irresponsible and counter to the facts of the City to formally adopt disapproval of the method.
Furthermore, the City makes millions of dollars per year selling natural gas. This money is used to address real problems that Richmond families and businesses are facing, such as aging infrastructure and sewage issues. Sending the false message that the method is dangerous would cause tens of thousands of gas customers to think twice about the gas they buy from the city, ultimately causing the City’s budget to suffer.
That is why I urge you to oppose Resolution No. 2017-R012.