Texas State Capitol building in downtown Austin USA

HOUSTON — Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) President David Holt released the following statement commending San Patricio County and the town of Portland, Texas for its support of a new ethane steam cracker – a project that will bring thousands of jobs and economic opportunities – to the region. The new ExxonMobil facility, projected to be the largest in the world, will supply low-cost materials that are the building blocks for a myriad of manufacturing uses, helping our nation’s industries become more competitive in global markets.

“The construction of this facility is proof that the American energy revolution is a dominant force globally and an economic boon for households, families, and businesses across this country. This facility will supply materials for many of the household goods and consumer products we use each day. This cracker will help provide low costs fuels to produce these U.S. made products at a competitive price.

“The shale revolution has ultimately been a huge win for American families and businesses. These infrastructure projects have led to new jobs and economic benefits while also reinvigorating the manufacturing sector. The cost advantages associated with facilities like ExxonMobil’s latest project is a win for industries, families and small businesses across this country.”