AUGUSTA, MAINE — Recent polling conducted for Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) examined how Maine voters feel about solar power, including concerns about the availability of affordable energy and the importance of lowering costs as a top priority for the state. Accordingly, the poll also asked voters about their feelings on rooftop solar, large-scale solar facilities, and the best way to increase solar penetration.

Key findings:

  • Overwhelming majorities of voters in Maine have a favorable view of solar energy, but are deeply concerned about affordable energy.
  • Maine voters see lowering costs of energy as a top priority for the state.
  • More than 59 percent of Maine residents think that large-scale solar facilities are the best way to decrease total energy costs and expand the use of solar energy to families and small businesses.

“CEA is glad to see that Maine lawmakers are earnestly working on energy policy, but we are concerned that L.D. 1504 does not benefit families and small businesses due to its unbalanced treatment of low-income households, and the cost-shifting burden it creates for those without solar panels on their property,” said James Voyles, Senior Director, Policy Counsel for CEA. “This poll shows that people want solar energy to become more affordable through large-scale projects, however, L.D. 1504 works to expand more expensive rooftop projects, which is inconsistent with this poll’s results.”

Voyles added “Results from this poll are encouraging. They demonstrate Mainer’s dedication to clean energy through solar power and the shared benefits this energy type can bring to communities across the state without asking their neighbors to foot the bill for someone else’s panels. The findings are also consistent with CEA’s solar incentives report, proving that a majority of Maine voters endorse energy policy that is pro-solar, pro-grid, and pro-consumer.”

CEA’s recent solar incentives report, titled “Incentivizing Solar Energy: An In-Depth Analysis of U.S. Solar Incentives,” provides a comprehensive quantification of solar incentives available for U.S. energy consumers. The report analyzes the cost for a typical solar facility in 15 states, including Maine, and details the federal, state and local incentives available for rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV).

To see results from the poll, click here.