Downtown Clinton, New Jersey

Trenton, NJ – Today, on the steps of the statehouse, elected officials joined activist groups for a rally that called for halting the use of natural gas and pipeline infrastructure. Notably, the rally didn’t offer any thoughts about how New Jersey families would meet their essential energy needs, failing to focus on realistic solutions that would address basic electricity demand for residents, especially in lower income brackets who already pay too much for energy.

Following the rally, Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) Mid-Atlantic Executive Director Mike Butler made the following statement:

“Today’s event is symptomatic of a larger problem with New Jersey policymakers. By creating an unnecessary and factually ill-conceived discussion about natural gas and pipeline infrastructure, these politicians only serve to increase the burden on families, seniors, small businesses and those living on fixed incomes who already pay high property taxes and pay over 24 percent more in residential electric rates above the national average. At a time when actual emissions are going down, and the U.S. is showing the world how to improve environmental performance, we can’t keep pushing ideas that make energy more expensive for those who can afford it the least.

“It is extremely unnerving that politicians, many of whom are not energy experts, are pushing policies that will actually keep New Jersey from bringing on additional renewable resources. We only have to look across the river into New York, where there are two natural gas service moratoriums underway withholding energy our citizens need to grow and thrive. Regional grid operators have repeatedly stressed the need for more LNG imports to help avoid potential rolling blackouts. This is a need we can better address here at home with resources that are already being produced here domestically.”

“It’s time New Jersey stopped listening to out-of-touch activists and put together a real, balanced energy plan.”


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