Onshore fracking well pad

With all the noise coming from anti-energy activists and the politicians who enable their ideological zeal against natural gas, a quick dose of facts drawn from the real-world experience of families and businesses is a welcome antidote. David Spigelmyer explains in The Hill:

“With the greater use of natural gas, Pennsylvania — and our nation more broadly — is making incredible clean air strides. In 2017, total greenhouse gas emissions in the United States reached their lowest levels in 25 years, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, propelling the nation to the world leader in CO2 emission reductions. Asthma-inducing and ozone-harming air pollutants plummeted during the same period, and EPA data also conclude total methane emissions are 19 percent lower than in 1990.

These significant gains are not despite the shale revolution, but rather because of it.

America’s pursuit of a clean energy future must prioritize innovation, job growth and a sustainable economy. As our elected leaders grapple with how to best achieve this, they would do well to look to the benefits of natural gas as experienced in Pennsylvania.”

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