The Biden Administration this week announced an agreement with California Governor Gavin Newson to advance areas for offshore wind off the northern and central coasts of California, which will be key in developing a diverse U.S. energy mix.

A federal judge ruled Friday that the Dakota Access pipeline can continue operating while the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers finishes its extensive environmental review.

Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner! For those of us hitting the road this weekend, we can expect higher gas prices compared to years past. This is due in part to the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline, although prices are beginning to recover.

Kick-off your weekend with our top five stories in energy below!


5Solar power in unexpected places

Developers and architects are getting more creative with incorporating solar power into nontraditional structures. Intelligent Living reports of the photovoltaic bike pathway which provides light at night and generates energy for the public to use to recharge their phones or e-bikes.

4Buildings of the future could be giant batteries

University researchers in Sweden have published new research showing that by incorporating minor tweaks in the concrete used in buildings and infrastructure projects around the world, the structure could used as a rechargeable battery. Fast Company reports that by embedding short carbon fibers, an iron-coated mesh of carbon fiber, and another mesh coated in nickel into typical concrete can make it conduct small amounts of electricity.

3Solar-powered car made from trash hits the streets of Sierra Leone

A 24-year old self-taught inventor and engineer, Emmanuel Mansaray, spent three years building a solar-powered car made of trash, dubbed the ‘Imagination car’. Face2FaceAfrica reports the vehicle can reach speeds of 15km per hour.

2New recycling technology turns plastic waste into energy

A UK-based technology company is converting end-of-life plastics into hydrogen. Power Technology explains that two tonnes of hydrogen can be produced daily via this process.

1The ‘world’s most powerful tidal turbine’ heads to Scottish waters

Last month, the U.K.’s marine energy sector took a huge step forward as the Orbital O2 made its way to the Orkney Islands, north of mainland Scotland. CNBC reports that the tidal turbine can produce enough electricity to meet the needs of around 2,000 U.K. homes each year.