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STEM education is preparing a whole new generation of students for a variety of careers that require a strong background in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. One of the fastest growing STEM careers are jobs related to energy efficiency, which is the idea of replacing existing energy infrastructure to save energy and money. This has led many high school graduates and college students to begin looking for potential career options in the field. So, what are the top five careers in STEM education for jobs in energy efficiency?

  • Energy Efficiency Installer
  • Energy Efficiency Financial Analyst
  • Business Energy Manager
  • Energy Auditor
  • Energy Efficiency Sales Associate

Energy Efficiency Installer

Once a client has agreed to make some upgrades in their home or business, an energy efficiency installer will come in to replace lighting fixtures and appliances. This role typically only requires a high school degree with some on-the-job training. An energy efficiency installer can expect to earn around $50,000 per year.

Energy Efficiency Financial Analyst

When a client seeks to implement energy efficiency measures, their main goal is to save money. This is where a financial analyst will come into play. Their main role is to crunch the numbers and figure out the exact payback period of implementing a variety of energy efficiency measures. An energy efficiency financial analysts can expect to make up to $83,000 per year. Most of these positions require a bachelor’s degree from a four-year accredited University.

Business Energy Manager

This job position applies to mostly larger companies who have a variety of locations in one region of the country. A business energy manager is in charge of making sure that all locations are running efficiently and have implemented the latest and greatest energy technologies. A business energy manager typically has a bachelor’s degree in business management with a minor in an energy related field. The average salary of a business energy manager is roughly $98,000.

Energy Auditor

An energy auditor’s main role to take note of the existing infrastructure, usually via a walkthrough of someone’s home or business. This involves noting every light fixture, appliance, and any other system in the building that consumes energy. This will allow them to get a good idea of both current energy usage, and how much energy can be saved through a variety of upgrades. The auditor then makes recommendations for what new lighting, appliances and other energy consuming systems should be implemented. Most energy auditors either have an associate’s degree with on-the-job training or a bachelor’s. The starting salary for an energy auditor is $38,000, but can grow to $74,000 by the middle of your career.

Energy Efficiency Sales Associate

An energy efficiency sales associate is in charge of speaking with clients and explaining to them the benefits of upgrading their energy systems, with the hopes of earning their business. They need to be highly personable and able to drum up their own business by going door to door. This role can garner a salary of up to $108,000. The education required for an energy sales associate role is an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in marketing and/or business.