CEA Alaska

CEA’s Alaska chapter works to raise awareness about Alaska’s contribution to domestic energy production for the lower 48. Alaska’s onshore and offshore production are crucial to the oil supply for America’s western region as well as America’s geopolitical presence in the Arctic region and America’s overall consumer energy prices.

Americans Need a Balance: Cleaner Environment, Affordable Energy

CEA's David Holt discusses the importance of American energy development in creating a sustainable environment and affordable energy for families across the country. Yet too...

CEA-Alaska Executive Director Dave Harbour Submits Comments on New Five-Year Program

Click here to view CEA-Alaska Executive Director Dave Harbour's comments on the new five-year program.
Pipeline protesters barricade highway and burn trucks

Lack of Civility Not New to Energy

CEA President David Holt recently opined on the lack of civility and increasing lawlessness of anti-energy protesters (as we've documented multiple times - see...

CEA Hosts Film Screening in Washington D.C.

On Tuesday, October 20th, Consumer Energy Alliance hosted a Washington, DC screening of its original film ‘Pipeline Pioneers’ in the Senate Energy and Natural...
Offshore oil platform in ocean

Will America Reverse an Offshore Oil and Gas Agenda Gone Adrift?

CEA's Jack Belcher discusses the importance of taking at thoughtful, deliberative approach to implement successful policies for offshore energy exploration. In what promises to be one of...
Offshore oil rig with workers

Obama Puts US Arctic, Atlantic OCS Off-limits to Oil, Gas Activity

CEA President David Holt discussed the recent administrative actions prohibiting energy exploration with the PanAtlantic Journal. U.S. President Barack Obama closed 3.8 million acres off...
Seward Alaska

Alaskans Face Tax Increase

Alaska’s contribution to the nation’s energy supply has been in decline since the 1980’s. While the resource is there to stem the decline, and...

Tell Washington We Support Development in Alaska

Alaska families and businesses depend on the jobs that come from our state’s abundant energy resources. However, recent federal actions closed the door to much of Alaska’s...

CEA Alaska Director in Richmond Paper: “Let Alaska Jumpstart Economy”

"We must unleash our world leadership in conservation and 21st century technology to develop our resources safely. We can stop the economic hemorrhaging caused...
Oil pipeline in Alaska with mountain range

Walker, Sullivan need to take Alaska’s energy message south

In an op-ed that ran in the Alaska Dispatch News, Carl Portman, deputy director of the Resource Development Council for Alaska, and David Holt, president...