CEA Rockies

The Rocky Mountain Region boasts not only majestic views, but a vast landscape for energy development across a diverse set of states. This region is home to a plethora of natural coal and mineral seams, sandstone, shale, and tight rock along with enough sun and wind to supply families and businesses with an ample amount of affordable energy now and in the future.

Grid Study

Tell Congress to Reverse Federal Regulations That Hurt Arizona Small Businesses and Families!

Last year, the Obama administration released a methane rule that will negatively impact families and small businesses across the country, including right here in...
Incentivizing Solar Energy: An In-Depth Analysis of U.S. Solar Incentives

CEA Releases Comprehensive Solar Incentive Analysis; Highlights Importance of Pro-Solar, Pro-Grid, Pro-Consumer Policies

As part of Consumer Energy Alliance’s (CEA) Solar Energy Future campaign, the organization today released a new report, “Incentivizing Solar Energy: An In-Depth Analysis...
Solar panel installation

Consumer Group Applauds Overwhelming Support for Legislation that Requires Energy Accountability

HOUSTON – Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) President David Holt today released the following statement applauding Governor Martinez and the Legislature for approving House Bill...
Monthly natural gas heating bill

It’s Time to Fight Back Against Anti-Development Threat

CEA's Jack Belcher discusses the savings families have seen as a result of American energy development. We’re well aware of the many successes that America’s...
Row of solar panels on a solar farm

New Mexico Approves Solar Accountability, Transparency Bill

CEA President David Holt discussed the importance of ensuring standard consumer protections were afforded to individuals installing solar panels in New Mexico. “We applaud the...
Pipeline welder

Lend a Hand and Help Build a Pipeline

CEA President David Holt addressed how obstructing responsible infrastructure development and maintenance harms America's hardworking laborers, families, and small businesses. Hating pipelines – and energy...
Smart thermostat for energy efficiency and conservation

As Freezing Temps Approach, What Consumers Can Do to Keep Warm, Cut Costs

CEA's Emily Haggstrom appeared on Fox 31 to discuss how consumers can save money on energy bills this winter. Read more - KDVR Fox 31 
Steel mill worker over furnace

West Slope Fuels Manufacturing and Maybe Exporting

CEA Rockies recently put together a discussion on the importance of domestic energy production and manufacturing. Natural gas production in Western Colorado fuels domestic manufacturing...
Pipeline protesters barricade highway and burn trucks

When Conversations Turn Violent

CEA President David Holt was featured in the Washington Examiner after anti-energy extremists deliberately attempted to shut down critical energy infrastructure, endangering not only first responders,...