CEA Rockies

The Rocky Mountain Region boasts not only majestic views, but a vast landscape for energy development across a diverse set of states. This region is home to a plethora of natural coal and mineral seams, sandstone, shale, and tight rock along with enough sun and wind to supply families and businesses with an ample amount of affordable energy now and in the future.

Smart thermostat for energy efficiency and conservation

As Freezing Temps Approach, What Consumers Can Do to Keep Warm, Cut Costs

CEA's Emily Haggstrom appeared on Fox 31 to discuss how consumers can save money on energy bills this winter. Read more - KDVR Fox 31 

Colorado Frack Ban Axed

CEA's Shawn Martini was interviewed by The Progressive Farmer about the Colorado Supreme Court's ruling that local bans on hydraulic fracturing are unconstitutional. “This is...
Welder in manufacturing facility

Panel to Discuss Revival of Local Energy Industry

Consumer Energy Alliance will be co-hosting a forum on the importance of energy to northwest Colorado. Key players in the possible renaissance of the natural...
Dr. Peter Green at Colorado Energy Day

Colorado’s Inaugural Energy Day Festival Kicks Off Amidst a Flash of Cold Weather

DENVER, CO. – Despite the cold weather, children, parents, and families joined Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) and over 54 organizations to celebrate the state’s...

Energy Grows Money for New Mexico Schools

Time for a fun fact, did you know the success of the oil and gas industry in New Mexico has a direct impact on...

Energy Grows Paychecks in New Mexico (College Degree Not Required)

If you search online for the top paying jobs in New Mexico, you’ll be lead to several lists that primarily include only doctors, surgeons...

If Lawmakers Collaborate

Looking at the importance of bipartisanship, CEA's Emily Haggstrom talks about how New Mexico's regulatory climate has lowered costs for families while encouraging businesses...

BLM Should Allow Leasing to Proceed Near Chaco Canyon

CEA's Andrew Browning discusses the importance of federal leases which help fund New Mexico's first responders and public education. Look at San Juan County, which...
Row of solar panels on a solar farm

New Mexico Approves Solar Accountability, Transparency Bill

CEA President David Holt discussed the importance of ensuring standard consumer protections were afforded to individuals installing solar panels in New Mexico. “We applaud the...