Message from the President

Rising energy prices and the pain felt at the pump and the thermostat are subjects in which consumers across America are becoming well-versed. It is virtually impossible to avoid the topic. Will there be relief? Is there a way to achieve a fair solution that will improve prices and our daily lives?

We think so. Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) supports the environmentally thoughtful development and utilization of energy resources to ensure enhanced energy security and stable prices for consumers. Our goal is to improve consumer understanding of our nation’s energy security and to emphasize the need for diversification of our energy resources.

In order to achieve these initiatives, CEA recognizes the need for both near-term and long-term public policy solutions. Despite progress to diversify our energy sources and improve energy efficiency, larger strides will need to be made to cost effectively meet future demand. However, such solutions will not make a meaningful impact on meeting our growing energy demand for many years to come.

For now, the energy industry must continue efforts to seek alternative energy sources and encourage energy conservation, while available supplies of oil and gas are sought and better utilized. We must develop American energy resources in order to improve American energy security and maintain steady prices for consumers.

As a consumer, the choices you make can have an impact. CEA is here to provide the resources and information you need to make informed decisions about energy use and conservation and to furnish you with the knowledge that you can help to make a difference. We want you to have a voice in the debate to help guarantee a safe and sound energy future for all of us.

David Holt