Onshore Initiative

Instead of looking to local ordinances to prohibit oil and gas production, it’s clear that promoting policies that support the responsible development of all of our energy resources is paramount to the state’s overall energy future. Our local, state and national discussions should be about protecting our environment and developing our resources. Why has it become such an either/or game?

– CEA President, David Holt writing in the Des Moines Register

Access to domestic onshore energy resources is critical to continued U.S. economic growth and prosperity. Onshore energy development has created endless growth and opportunity for communities across America and lowered energy costs for all energy consumers. But this development is under threat from multiple fronts. From local opposition to state legislation and ballot initiatives, domestic energy production could be significantly impacted. CEA is working to defend responsible energy production, starting at the local level.


How CEA is building the case for continued onshore energy access:

  • More than 119,000 letters supporting Texas State Legislation on local control of oil and gas operations
  • 4,500 letters to the Oklahoma Senate supporting legislation to better define local and state control over oil and gas regulation
  • Grassroots, advocacy and media campaign throughout Oklahoma engaging city council members of key municipalities including Norman, Stillwater and Ada.
  • 14,300 public comments urging the Ohio legislature not to raise taxes on the burgeoning energy industry in the state.