Small Businesses Need Affordable Energy

The cost for everything is getting to be more than what consumers can afford – and they’re cutting back. People are tightening their budgets across the spectrum and much of it is because of energy prices. Some of it is tied to supply chain issues brought on by the pandemic; some of it is just plain bad policies.

Trucking companies are looking at suspending deliveries, car companies are short on lithium for EV batteries, and consumer electronics are seeing a shortage of supplies for their products. Restaurants are ordering less, which means suppliers are feeling the squeeze too.

Supporting a balanced energy approach – now and into the future can help!

It’s not too late to think about how energy affects everything in our lives from manufacturing plastics and metals for products to food development on farms and in grow houses.

It’s not just you and your neighbor, it’s our local businesses too.

Tell our nation’s leading economic advisors that we don’t need to make it harder on people still struggling from the pandemic! With more balanced energy policies that support both traditional fuels and renewable development, we can create a better life for Americans now, and in the future.