As a state, Florida uses more energy than it produces. A growing economy, rising population and increasing globalization all put pressure on Florida to import more energy from other states and overseas, as well as produce more of its own energy.

Our Florida chapter works to provide information and advocacy on the various ways Florida is working to diversify its energy portfolio. From expanding residential solar capacity, increased exploration for natural gas, and opportunities to site offshore wind and oil and gas facilities, Florida’s energy future is full of sunshine!

  • Without More Pipelines, Scary Economic Scenarios Become Real

    CEA’s David Holt was featured in Real Clear Energy discussing how pipelines contribute to ensuring financial stability for families. Energy costs are “affordable” up until a certain point. That tipping point, experts agree, is when costs exceed 6 percent of a household’s income. Despite the occasional moans and groans when paying the utility bill, like […]

  • CEA Issues Statement on Denial of Pending Seismic Applications

    North American Clean Energy covered CEA’s statement on denial of permits to conduct needed scientific discovery off the Atlantic. BOEM cited potential environmental risks to marine life. Yet, as BOEM itself has previously acknowledged, these surveys have been conducted for decades without any evidence of adverse impacts on marine animal populations or coastal communities. Furthermore, academic […]

  • Renewable Energy Won’t Be Enough

    CEA’s Kevin Doyle discussed renewable energy in the Tallahassee Democrat and how it may impact energy consumers such as families and small businesses. Recent letters and editorials continue to applaud the expansion of renewable energy throughout Florida as the way forward, and with good reason. Yet they fail to address one pressing concern: It won’t […]

  • Florida Will Have Higher Gas Taxes Jan. 1

    CEA’s Kevin Doyle was interviewed on the impact Florida’s increasing gasoline tax will have on energy consumers. Seven states will have higher gas taxes starting January 1st and Florida is one of them.  Florida has a formula that calculates an automatic tax increase each year for fuel.  In 2017 there will be a higher gas […]

  • Carbon Emissions Down to Lowest Levels in 25 Years – Thanks to the Energy Revolution

    Concerned about air emissions? Here’s some good news – emissions in the United States are dropping and have been dropping due to the increased use of natural gas. In fact, U.S. carbon emissions are on track to be the lowest in almost 25 years. The federal Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported in October that carbon […]

  • Will America Reverse an Offshore Oil and Gas Agenda Gone Adrift?

    CEA’s Jack Belcher discusses the importance of taking at thoughtful, deliberative approach to implement successful policies for offshore energy exploration. In what promises to be one of its final major energy policy decisions, the Obama administration’s Interior Department released its next five-year offshore oil and gas leasing program with no lease sales scheduled for the offshore Arctic […]

  • CEA Issues Statement on Offshore Energy Announcement

    Houston, TX — Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) President David Holt today issued the following statement following the Interior Department’s release of the Proposed Final 2017-2022 Outer Continental Shelf Oil & Gas Leasing Program: “Today’s announcement removing yet more areas from consideration for offshore energy leasing over the next five years is a significant step backward […]

  • Give New Leadership and Energy a Chance

    CEA President David Holt was featured in RealClear Energy discussing the results of the 2016 Presidential Election and its impact on energy policy. The silent majority, which includes working-class families, union workers, seniors, and households living below the poverty level, want the economic and environmental benefits America’s energy revolution can provide, like jobs, lower electric […]

  • When Conversations Turn Violent

    CEA President David Holt was featured in the Washington Examiner after anti-energy extremists deliberately attempted to shut down critical energy infrastructure, endangering not only first responders, but families, and the environment at risk. These coordinated eco-terrorist attacks could have been catastrophic. These groups are shifting from peaceful to increasingly violent protests — and it must stop. We […]

  • Amendment 1 would boost solar energy and benefit all

    Kevin Doyle, Executive Director of CEA-Florida, was recently featured in the Historic City News. Renewable, clean, reliable and getting increasingly more affordable, solar energy is dramatic and can change the globe, starting with the way Florida harvests and consumes electricity. So it’s imperative that we have the right set of balanced policies to ensure that […]