Maybe you’ve already made your home energy-efficient – now it’s time to take your green to work! is currently promoting a nationwide campaign that encourages all Americans to practice energy efficiency not only in their homes, but also their workplaces.

First things first – create a “Green Team” at your office that encourages others to make an effort when it comes to saving energy. Then, follow a simple checklist to implement green tips. Included on the list are: 1. Set your computer and monitor to automatically enter “power save” mode when not in use, 2. Use a power strip as a central turn-off spot, 3. Unplug laptops, cell phones and chargers after use – leaving them plugged in wastes energy!, 4. Swap out old-fashioned light bulbs for new Energy Star qualified bulbs – last 10 times longer and use 75% less energy!, and 5. Keep air vents unblocked so that air can flow freely. Start your Green Team today!