As you prepare for the holiday season, use a few of these easy, energy-efficient tips from the Environmental Protection Agency to save energy and reduce waste.

  1. Using a real tree? Contact your local community solid waste department for information on recycling. Alternatively, use a potted tree which can be planted.
  2. Unplug lights and decorations during the day to save energy and make your lights last longer.
  3. Look for holiday greeting cards made from recycled materials.
  4. Use reusable cloth shopping bags for toting holiday purchases rather than paper and plastic bags.
  5. Save gift wraps and ribbons for use on next year’s presents. Wrap presents for others in recycled trimmings you’ve saved.
  6. Use cloth napkins and reusable dishes and silverware for your holiday gatherings rather than disposable paper and plastics.
  7. Purchase rechargeable batteries for electronic gifts.
  8. Donate your children’s older or outgrown toys and books to charities and local libraries.

For more holiday energy saving tips, visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s website.