HOUSTON Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) is pleased to welcome new affiliate member the Chamber of Shipping of America (CSA), a leading American shipping industry organization.

“Consumer Energy Alliance welcomes the Chamber of Shipping of America to our organization, and looks forward to sharing a commitment to supporting a balanced American energy policy,” said CEA President David Holt.  “CSA takes on an important role in the shipping industry by representing many of its regulatory and legislative needs, which makes them a unique and exciting addition to the CEA family.”

“As a strong voice of the U.S. maritime industry, CSA promotes sound public policy through legislative and regulatory initiatives that include marine safety, maritime security and environmentally-protective operating principles,” said CSA president Joseph J. Cox. “CSA supports a viable domestic maritime industry and promotes open international trade in shipping. Maintaining stable energy costs for ship owners and operators is an important part of keeping the maritime industry and international trade sustainable and successful. By joining Consumer Energy Alliance, CSA shows its solid support of balanced energy, stable energy prices and a robust American energy industry.”

CSA represents 33 U.S.-based companies that own, operate or charter ocean-going tankers, container ships, dry bulk vessels engaged in both domestic and international trades, and companies that maintain a commercial interest in the operation of such ocean-going vessels. For the past five years, continuing this year, CSA is awarding those vessels that have operated for at least the prior two years without any environmental incidents reportable to international, national or local authorities.  Awards are given to over one thousand vessels annually, which operate for an average of five years each in environmental excellence.

For more information on the Chamber of Shipping of America, visit www.knowships.org.