HOUSTON — September 22, 2010   Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) is pleased to welcome a new affiliate member, Petrohawk Energy Corporation, an independent energy company specializing in the exploration and development of shale-based oil and natural gas resources in the United States. 

“Petrohawk Energy Corporation is a leader in developing large-scale operations in some of the fastest growing natural gas plays in the country. Consumer Energy Alliance recognizes Petrohawk’s impressive role in the development of domestic energy resources, and looks forward to sharing in the commitment to supporting balanced American energy policy,” said CEA President David Holt.

Petrohawk focuses on a concentrated portfolio of resource assets in four important North American shales: the Haynesville Shale, the Lower Bossier Shale, the Eagle Ford Shale and the Fayetteville Shale. Their operations offer the potential for predictable, long-term production with low costs achieved through effective drilling and completions techniques, efficient field management and scalable operations. Petrohawk was founded on the concept that its specialized geologists, engineers and geophysicists could unlock value by applying their expertise in tight gas drilling and exploration with the latest technologies.

 “We are excited to align with the Consumer Energy Alliance in its mission to expand the dialogue between the energy and consuming sectors to improve overall understanding of energy security,” said Tommy Foltz, Director of Government Relations for Petrohawk Energy Corporation. “As a leader in the natural gas industry, we are excited to work closely with CEA to educate our customers regarding enhanced energy utilization and efficiency for the future.”

 For more information on Petrohawk Energy Corporation, visit www.petrohawk.com.