CEA: ‘State of the Union’ Addresses Energy Need, But Too Narrow In Scope
Alliance Continues to Advocate for Expanded American Energy Policy

WASHINGTON – Following President Barack Obama’s second State of the Union address, representatives from the Consumer Energy Alliance released the following statements in response to the President’s call for a renewable-based energy economy in 2011:

From CEA President David Holt:

“President Obama’s vision for a more robust renewable energy economy is a step in the right direction toward a well-rounded domestic energy supply, and new opportunities in the American workforce. But while Consumer Energy Alliance shares this vision, we see the President’s message as an inaccurate reflection of our current energy needs and the impact these resources have on our jobs and the economy. Americans need more affordable and accessible renewable energy, but not at the expense of those resources we rely on every day, and certainly not at the rate of billions of dollars in tax increases. Along with more solar power and other renewables, we should also expand access to all sources of energy – everything from offshore oil and gas to more affordable nuclear development. There is no quicker path to economic resurgence than through proper development of our abundant natural resources and the economic growth that they create.”

From CEA Chairman of the Board and vice president & regulatory affairs counsel for the American Trucking Associations Rich Moskowitz:

“While the American people can appreciate the President’s call for clean energy developed here at home, we need access to all sources of energy and nothing less. More widely deployed renewable power will make energy that much more abundant in the future, but it unfortunately will not address the high gasoline and diesel prices consumers face today. With offshore oil production expected to decline by over 10 percent in 2011, we can’t afford to support a comprehensive energy policy that turns its back on conventional sources of energy that we depend upon to power our cars, our trucks, our homes and our national economy.”