CEA Welcomes Freedom Solar as Newest Affiliate Member

HOUSTONConsumer Energy Alliance (CEA) is pleased to welcome Freedom Solar as its newest affiliate member.

Founded in 2007, Freedom Solar is an industry leading full service solar installation company that provides solar power systems to both homes and businesses. To date, Freedom Solar has designed projects that generate over seven megawatts of power. Freedom Solar handles every aspect of solar power installations from financing to construction and maintenance.

“Freedom Solar is pleased to work with CEA to further the position solar power holds in the mind of energy consumers,” said Bret Biggart, General Manager for Freedom Solar. “Freedom Solar looks forward to engaging in a policy discussion that emphasizes the need for all diverse forms of energy and highlights the important role solar power can play in meeting our country’s growing demand. It is important that we look to the benefits of solar power in order to help reduce our dependence on foreign oil and reduce emissions. By investing in solar power and conserving natural resources we make a significant contribution to preserving the planet for future generations.”

“Consumer Energy Alliance is very proud to partner with Freedom Solar,” said CEA president David Holt. “Providing a place where developers of all forms of energy can come together to discuss this nation’s needs when it comes to energy policy is a fundamental function of CEA, and we are proud to bring another producer of clean, renewable energy to the table. With the specter of high energy prices hovering over our economy it is imperative that we develop a balanced, comprehensive energy policy that includes all forms of energy, including solar power.”