Consumer Energy Alliance Welcomes New Member: Lime Instruments

HOUSTON – Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) is pleased to welcome Lime Instruments as its newest affiliate member.

Headquartered in Houston, Lime Instruments offers products in the oil and gas field services that focus on operations in a variety of shale plays and other onshore projects in both North America and abroad. One of Lime’s core areas is providing customized instrumentation systems and equipment and integrating and installing them into hydraulic fracturing operations. From software development and customized systems integration, to hardware design and installation in the harshest environments, Lime has consistently delivered results for its customers.

“Lime Instruments is pleased to partner with Consumer Energy Alliance on energy issues at a regional and national level,” said Lime’s CEO, Rob Stewart. “Lime Instruments has a vested interest in energy policy both from the consumer and producer roles. This is due in large part to the amount of energy Lime manufactures and handles on an annual basis, as well as the amount of energy we need to operate our products. Partnering with CEA will give us a broader voice on energy policy and legislation and hopefully lead to a greater national focus on domestically-produced resources. We believe that CEA is the perfect organization to have on board for new developments in the energy industry and we look forward to our partnership.”

“CEA is happy to partner with Lime instruments. They’re extremely focused on bringing down the cost of expensive shale operations through their state-of-the-art technologies–with savings ultimately being passed onto consumers in the form of cheaper energy prices,” said CEA’s Executive Vice President of Strategic Development, Paul Looney. “Lime’s services bring value to the energy market and CEA is very pleased with their support in promoting a balanced energy policy.”