Report card highlights the significant advancements achieved in offshore development by the oil and natural gas industry which are protecting our environment and helping the U.S. economy advance.

HOUSTON, TX – Today, the Oil Spill Commission Action Project released its second report card, which outlined the progress that the Obama Administration, Congress and the oil and natural gas industry have achieved in implementing the group’s recommendations. The report card gave high marks to the oil and natural gas industry for the many improvements that have been made over the past three years, which have increased the overall safety of the industry and its ability to respond to unforeseen emergencies.

As part of this review, the project provided letter grades to progress made by stakeholders, as well as to progress achieved in individual areas of focus. Leading in this capacity were the Obama Administration and the oil and natural gas industry, who received a letter grade of B and B- respectively. The report also provided high grades to efforts to increase safety and environmental protection as well as spill response and containment, both of which received a letter grade of B.

In responding to the announcement, David Holt, President of the Consumer Energy Alliance issued the following statement:

“This is great news for the U.S. economy and U.S. consumers, as it allows us to safely produce our domestic resources at maximum economic benefit and minimum environmental consequence. Today’s report card makes clear the significant progress the oil and natural gas industry has made in implementing the Oil Spill Commission’s recommendations. The U.S. energy revolution is leading our economy and its development’s like this that are making that possible. Ultimately, Americans want affordable energy that doesn’t cause undue harm to the environment where it occurs. This report shows that we can have environmental protection and expanded domestic energy production.”