Energy group warns EPA may use ‘sue-and-settle’ to cap emissions (Washington Examiner)

“While EPA claims to have no intention of imposing an LCFS at this time, there is still reason to be vigilant, as EPA has established a track record of using ‘sue-and-settle’ as a means of implementing unpopular policies behind closed doors,” Consumer Energy Alliance Vice President Michael Whatley said Monday.

Such a lawsuit could allow the EPA to insist it has no plans to implement cap and trade, and still make the rules as part of a settlement without congressional approval, CEA said.

Cap-and-trade is popular with environmental groups, who say the cap on emissions is a cost-effective way to reduce pollution. But in practice, the economic impact of the policy is “devastating,” CEA said.

“Numerous independent studies have shown that a cap-and-trade program on transportation fuels would impose significant pain at the pump, and that is the last thing American families need right now,” the group said in Monday’s statement.

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