Writing at the Fuel Fix blog, CEA President David Holt ads his take to the critical reviews given to Gasland  II, “he fell short by over-simplifying the facts and exaggerating his claims.”

Here is what some of the film’s critics are saying:

“The problem with Gasland is that it is entertainment that actually is ‘science denial’ and thus not fitting as an educational documentary or journalism.” – Daily Kos

“’Gasland Part II’ runs longer than the earlier installment, but ultimately it has less to say. Fox sounds the same alarm with a bizarre mixture of confidence in the message and an awareness of the vanity involved in delivering it.” – IndieWire

“Mr. Fox works in first-person style of colorful mudslingers like Michael Moore…The film runs to two hours and its anecdotal, hopscotch style starts to wear.” – The New York Times