OCS Governors Urge Their Congressional Delegations to Support OCS Energy Development.

Read the letter here.

Note:  A similar version of this letter was sent to all 16 U.S. Senators and 85 U.S. Representatives from the eight OCS Governors Coalition member-states: Alaska, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia.

Fuel Fix:

Congress can do more to advance offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean while boosting the economies of coastal states, eight governors said Friday.

Options rage from giving states a greater share of federal drilling royalties to passing legislation that would force the Interior Department to make more coastal tracts available for oil and gas development, the group of coastal governors said.

The governors, including Texas’ Rick Perry, made their pleas in a letter to their congressional delegations in the nation’s capital.

“During this congress, legislators will consider several matters that directly and indirectly affect the future of offshore energy development,” said the governors, who all represent coastal states. “As our federal representatives, we strongly urge you to act in concert to champion outer continental shelf energy and, by effect, the vitality of our coastal and state economies.”