Several Nebraska counties are considering Keystone XL resolutions.   The most recent, York County which is located between Lincoln and Grand Island along I-80, joined another county, Boyd County, in disapproving an anti-keystone XL measure.

Michael Whatley, who is monitoring KXL developments for Consumer Energy Alliance urged other county commissioners to oppose any measure.

“We are very pleased to see that the County Commission voted down the resolution. We believe that the vote signifies that Commissioners recognize that Keystone XL will bring tremendous benefits to both York County and all of Nebraska in terms of jobs created, economic activity and increased government revenues – as well as bring about lower gasoline and diesel prices throughout the state – and hope that the other county commissions contemplating similar resolutions will come to the same conclusion.”

Lincoln Star-Journal

YORK — The chairman of the York County commissioners cast the deciding vote on Tuesday against a resolution sought by opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline.

The 3-2 outcome was witnessed by an overflow audience made up mostly of supporters to a statement of opposition to crude oil pipelines. Many of the same people were on hand two weeks ago when Kurt Bulgrin was absent and the four other members of the board were deadlocked.

Despite the efforts of the Good Life Alliance since then to recast language to win board support, Bulgrin appeared to arrive with his mind made up.

“I’ve heard very little from my constituents over this,” he said before the vote. “If I’ve heard anything at all, it’s ‘Don’t adopt this resolution.’”


Omaha World-Herald

 A similar opposition resolution, though, failed in another county, Boyd County.


Bulgrin said the York County Attorney’s Office had recommended rejection of the pipeline resolution because it could violate the federal interstate commerce clause. He added that constituents in his eastern York County district didn’t oppose the pipeline.