An independent study released today finds the Keystone XL pipeline will have “no material impact” on Greenhouse gas emissions.


“Even if the Keystone XL pipeline does not move forward, we do not expect a material change to oil sands production growth. Therefore the Keystone decision itself will not have any impact on GHG emissions…”

CEA Executive VP Michael Whatley reacts:

“The report finds KXL will have little impact on GHG emissions because development of Alberta oil is going to go forward with or without the Untied States. What is at stake here is the economy. Keystone XL would leave the climate in Neutral, but the economy in Drive.  Five billion dollars in new investment and over 40,000 jobs is nothing to shake a stick at. Combine that with American energy consumers being able to access both Bakken and Alberta sourced oil and you move the United States away from being beholden to OPEC countries.