In Florida, CEA is advocating to build the Keystone XL pipeline.  Exec. Director Kevin Doyle makes the case:

Sunshine State News:

Kevin Doyle, executive director of the Consumer Energy Alliance-Florida, the state affiliate of a national nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, didn’t pull any punches in stressing the urgency of the Obama administration’s approval of the pipeline.

“It is not a secret that countries such as China and India, whose fast-growing economies are in need of stable supplies of energy, would not hesitate if given the opportunity to access the energy resources of Canada,” Doyle said.

“There are many industry leaders who believe that if the Keystone XL Pipeline is not approved by the Obama administration, our allies in Canada may aggressively look at sending their crude oil west to Asia, thus forcing the United States to further depend on imports from less-than-stable areas of the world.”

But, what if Canadian crude isn’t refined in the most technologically advanced facilities in the world, which are right here in America, but rather in outdated facilities in China and India that have little or no oversight and little or no environmental protections?

What then?

“Not only would this potentially harm U.S.-Canada relations, it would also hinder the very emission goals that the president claims he wants to work toward,” Doyle said.