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Consumers are seeing savings because the United States is producing more natural gas from shale formations than any other country, ahead of China and Russia.  “We are on a trajectory by the end of this decade, North America will be energy self sufficient,” says Natalie Joubert, the Vice President for Policy at Consumer Energy Alliance. “For consumers this is excellent news.”

Answering questions from Energy consumers as part of CEA’s weekly web video series Afternoon Energy, Joubert notes that shale gas is saving consumers money.  Joubert says the benefits of energy self sufficiency are reaching both regular-joe consumers as well as manufacturing firms which rely on affordable energy to produce affordable projects.

A IHS-Report found consumers seeing nearly $1,000 a year in savings utilizing natural gas, which is a result of developing shale from places like the Marcellus shale formation in Pennsylvania.   According to a separate report from the U.S. Department of Energy, Shale gas which is natural gas developed from shale formations, accounted for 39% of all the natural gas produced in the United States.

The same report found the more natural gas is developed from shale the more savings will be in passed to consumers.