Historic City News:

Area representative participates in Florida Energy Summit

October 14, 2013 | By St Augustine

Executive director, Kevin Doyle, announced to Historic City News in St Augustine that Consumer Energy Alliance-Florida, a source of sound and unbiased information on US and global energy issues for consumers, will be a sponsor of the Florida Energy Summit that began today in Orlando.

Key stakeholders in the energy industry, academics, and elected officials, will come together today and tomorrow for the 2013 Florida Energy Summit; to discuss how Florida can prepare to take advantage of future economic opportunities in the ever-growing energy sector.

“As a proud sponsor of the 2013 Florida Energy Summit, Consumer Energy Alliance-Florida would like to congratulate Commissioner Adam Putnam and the Florida Office of Energy for organizing this important event,” Doyle told Historic City News from Orlando this morning. “Florida energy policy can be developed to benefit both consumers and the state’s economy by utilizing existing energy resources and promoting an ‘all-of-the-above’ strategy; utilizing everything from oil and natural gas, to nuclear, to renewables.”

According to Doyle, Florida is the nation’s third largest consumer of energy; and, as such, has the opportunity for significant economic growth. Florida’s oil and natural gas industry already supports 286,000 jobs and contributes $23 billion to Florida’s gross state product, according to the Florida Energy Forum.

With smart planning, the state has adequate energy for positive economic growth, Doyle said. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, the state needs to continue to develop energy policies that allow for further development of affordable and stable energy sources to meet long term energy needs.

“Florida has made great progress in energy efficiency; the Energy Summit is an ideal venue to bring together key players to keep this momentum going,” Doyle told local news reporters. “We look forward to the upcoming discussions on Florida’s economic opportunities within the energy sector and how a balanced energy policy will help benefit all Floridians.”